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School Meal Ordering
System - Parents

  1. All meals need ordering on our website
  2. The web site is easy to use and will take you step by step from registering to ordering.
  3. All web site orders must be in and paid for (if required) by 10pm on the Wednesday before the week you require meals.
  4. No order will be accepted without payment.
  5. All Key Stage One (infant) children still need their meals ordering but the web site will not ask for payment as these children are entitled to universal free school meals.
  6. All Key Stage Two (junior) children can order and pay for their meals on the web site.
  7. Any Key Stage Two child entitled to pupil premium free school meals will need registering and the box which asks if you are entitled to free school meals needs ticking for authorisation this will take no longer than 24hours. Please note that until this status is authorised, meals will be charged for
  8. If you do not have access to a computer please speak to the school reception for alternative arrangements.
  9. Once an order has been placed you will be able to amend it on the computer system up until that week's cut off date. After the cut off date you will be required to contact Good Lookin Cookin direct by either email or telephone 01522 500779 to change an order.
  10. If you require to cancel a meal after the cut off date, cancellations can be made before 9.30am on the day of the required meal but need cancelling direct with Good Lookin Cookin again by email or Telephone 01522 500779.
  11. Refunds for cancelled meals will be paid through a credit system on your login account, automatically deducting this credit from your next order. Credit will be applied automatically. Alternatively refunds can be given directly to the credit/debit card that the meals were initially paid on, this may take up to 5 working days.
  12. If you have a child that has a special dietary requirement (medical certificated) you can still order online but please tick the special diet box when registering your child, as well if necessary, adding notes to the dietary requirements box which will be passed onto us. If you wish to discuss these requirements please contact Good Lookin Cookin direct to discuss.
  13. School holidays – All orders must be in before the end of term for the start of the new term.
  14. A full terms menu’ will be put on the system two week prior to the new term.
  15. You can order either weekly or termly.
  16. Any news or updates will be on our home page of the web site please keep looking at this for any closures etc for training days.
  17. Menu downloads are available on the home page of our web site once logged in to your account.
  18. All allergen information is available on our web site.
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