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"Dear Good Luck Cookin,
I am glad to be back to hot dinners and school the cookin is good cooking thank you"
From Lucas - Meadows Primary
"Good Looking Cooking,
Thank you for another year of fantastic food"
Ermine Primary Academy
Just a quick message to say how popular the main was today.
The meat was so tender and the sauce was delicious. It was my turn for a meal today so this is my testimonial!! I enjoyed the company of year 5s who also enjoyed their meal today.
Thank you"
Kerri (Headteacher) - Faldingworth Community Primary School
"Dear Good Lookin Cookin team,
Just a note to say thank you for all the thought and hard work put into developing the menus for our children’s lunches. As a parent I really appreciate the variety of fun meals presented in the menus. My daughter loves the hot meals and especially the puddings! Your service helps make her experience of primary school a really positive one.
Thanks for your care and attention on behalf of our precious kids – they are worth it!
With best wishes,
Nicola - St Peter in Eastgate Infants School
I would just like to comment on the meal choice you have presented for the Meadow Primary School, I thought once the government decided to offer free school meals for children up to year 2 would just be very basic and a lot of junk, how wrong was I!!!
The meal choice you offer is beyond any other school meals I have been offered in the past, the freedom of choice is excellent better meals than what I cook!!!
My son Reece is at the Meadows and he loves the school meals, he is Muslim and a lot of vegetarian meals are normally very basic but not yours. Out of this term of 6 weeks there is just 1 day where I will have to offer him pack up which I think is excellent.
I know that if I’m busy and haven’t got much time to cook I know he has a well balanced meal at school offering a variety of choice.
He even comments mummy I was too full to have a pudding!!!
I would like to say "A BIG THANK YOU TO THE KITCHEN STAFF" who I’m sure work very hard and sometimes don’t get recognised for the work and presentation of the meals they offer.
At the moment my son gets free school meals as he is in year 2 bu even when we have to pay I shall definitely continue and pay.
Many thanks for all your hard work and please continue if you would like me to forward on my email to the council or anyone else that should know you do such a good job the please get in touch.
Many thanks,
From Selina"
Selina - Meadow Primary School
"Happy hols and thank you for always being patient and kind and putting up with me and our parents and their last minute demands! Your help is always appreciated." Melissa - Coleby Church of England Primary School
"Thank you for a great service and amazing meals – have a well-deserved break!
See you in September"
Su - The Lincoln Teaching and Learning Centre
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